• Picture Groups

    Possibly the most essential module in Picture Pack, that determines who can see and/or download which pictures. You can for instance make press photos publicly available, but restict access to management portraits to your communications department. Or: make certain royalty free images always downloadable for select clients.

  • Multilanguage

    Picture Pack can operate in two or more languages. Depending on your requirements, multiple languages can be applied to the metadata, the interface or both.

  • Video

    Apart from pictures and documents (doc, pdf, psd, ai, etc.), Picture Pack can also handle video. The video module will save video-specific information (frame rate, etc.) while import. Videos can be viewed in small or preview-format.

  • Picture Availability

    Pre-select the dates on which you want to change the status of your pictures automatically. Make sure that pictures will be inactive, active of deleted after specific dates.

  • SourceOffice

    Allow your (external) photographers controlled access to your picture management. Photographers will only see their own pictures, and will be able to upload files and add metadata. This will save your organisation time and money.

  • And much more

    This is just a small subset out of more than 40 modules we can deploy in order to adjust Picture Pack fully to your requirements.

  • Customization

    Because Picture Pack is developed fully in-house by iMedia, there is always the option to build a custom version specifically suited for your situation.